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More of the Homestuck photoshoot~ That Kanaya photo bombing the Amporas was great. As was their reaction.

Tag yourself, or ask me to tag/credit you if you want~

Equius kneeling on the far left: the-b100-one

Photo bombing Kanaya: hellyeahskips

Dad hat Jane: blueflame91

March Eridan: Derpforbreakfast

Cronus next to March Eridan: letshaveartsyfarts

Bobcut Vriska: metrowolf

One of the Roxys: punchcawa

God Tier Roxy on the ground: xsilvercyanidex

Purple dress Roxy: eridanna

Second Nepeta to the right on the bottom row of Nepetas: shadycakes

Far left God Tier Dirkleton is happyhighblood, but he doesn’t go on his tumblr anymore, so let me know if you wanna say hi.


More of the photoshoot~ There were some very silly and adorable people.

As usual, tag yourself or ask me to tag/credit you~

Dreamer Caliborn: callib-bourne

Ms Paint on the left of Spades Slick: the-knight-of-life

Ms Paint in the apron: clubsdisney

Green mask Calliope: asexualsuccubus

Bro under the “Stern Fatherly Disapproval” sign: gunsandwwands

Humanstuck Snowman: charlemane

Humanstuck Spades Slick: momoaibou

Mayor on the left: groovymouse

Grand Highboob bowing to Caliborn: mirr0rcul0usdesire

Aradiasprite second from the left: psychopathicrainbow

Second Fefeta from the left: Bonnca

Hi! I’m the God Tier Jake on the ground! (nuhhh I forgot to put my hood up sorry ‘bout brown hair)

To all the sweethearts who brightened my day with some inbox love:

Hi, I can't believe you're following me! I'm the Anon from before! EEEEEEE! /)^3^(\

Yay, that was so sweet of you! Thanks for following me, and yeah I like your blog, you’ve got a lot of fun and interesting things on there!

To all the sweethearts who brightened my day with some inbox love:

Hi, You are amazing! Your stuff is what I hope to be when I cosplay! Thanks for being you! OuO

Yay, anonymous person, you too! You can do it, you can do it, and thanks for the love!


Find out which Homestuck troll blood color you would have, based on your eastern and western Zodiac signs, mimicking how rare each blood is!

I wrote this about a year ago, but it’s still a work-in-progress, so here’s what I’ve got so far…

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do you think pool noodles would work for a Condesce cosplay? how would you propose i go about it?

Woah, so sorry for the wait on my response!

Absolutely I think they would work! I actually started designing a pair. Always remember, everything I say is a suggestion. Feel free to ask others for advice as well, especially if they’ve made Condesce horns before. (A lot of them even have tutorials or frequently asked sections, and many are willing to answer questions.)

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Let’s take a look at the length and shape first. All images (c) Hussie

Condesce copyright Andrew Hussie



Most images put her horns at about half her height or less. For example, I’m almost 6 feet tall, so 3-foot horns would look pretty proportional. If you’re any shorter than that, try 2-feet paper cutouts of the outlines of horns, throw on a fluffy wig so you know how it will be framed, and see how you like it. If you still want to make them longer, cut out a new shape and keep looking for a size that suits your preferences. Keep the paper patterns: they’ll come in handy soon.



Pisces-y, of course. Her horns start a little far apart, gently curve together, then gently curve apart again. The base of the horns look like they sit a toothy-smile’s width apart (at least 4 inches?).


If you choose to make a wire helmet, I’ve got a tutorial on that for Summoner. (Here’s what my harness looked like with the horns on.) Condesce horns might be a little harder to balance, but at least they’re half as big and don’t have that ridiculous bend halfway. This is what I’m picturing:

I’d still recommend searching for “Condesce Cosplay” and taking a look for currently posted tutorials. A few of the ones I’ve seen use a wire structure as well, and the many ways they attach their horns to their heads are definitely a fun thing to read about. A nice thing with any infrastructure is that the seadweller ears tend to hide everything, and you can even attach them to the structure.

From here, you can iron the horns into the shape you want or cut them just like I did with my Summoner horns (tutorial above, let me know if you need the link again. Then you sand, fill in any gaps on top, cover it with spackle (or a flour-glue mixture like I did to fill in tiny holes), paint, and seal. Let me know if you have any questions about this, and best of luck!

New favorite ironing method: make the pins do all the work

New favorite ironing method: make the pins do all the work

Hi, I'm using your tutorial for summoner horns and I was wondering, how did you make it so that the foam didn't show through the paint? Like, how are yours so smooth? I have sanded my horns and covered them with 3+ layers of mod podge but nothing is working. Please help me if you can! /w\

Hiya! I’m gonna guess you’re talking about the end bits, but this would extend to an entire horn made of open-cell foam as well. The outside part of the pool noodle was already kind of sealed, but there’s two ways to seal the gross bits like this:


OPTION 1: The way I did my Summoner horns was a simple recipe:image

I made my horns about a year ago, so these are what I can remember of the measurements. For both horns combined, I used about

  • 1/2 cup baking flour (all-purpose, whatever you have that’s cheap and just lying around, you probably could use baking soda as well),
  • 1/3 cup glue, and 
  • 1/4 cup water. 

This is a super-rough estimate, and I’d say start with putting the glue in a cup and then add flour until you have a nice thick goop, then add water until it’s easier to spread.

Use a paintbrush to spread goop onto horns. Carefully add more layers. Make sure not to water it down too much or the layers won’t dry very well and inner layers might start to run. Once you’re done gooping your horns, if you didn’t get the perfect balance of flour and glue, don’t worry, you can sand it down to get a nice finish. Give it a nice coat of Mod Podge or sealer once you’re done so that they won’t get runny in the rain or if someone starts nibbling on your horn.


OPTION 2: This is actually my suggested one for speed, but it requires a ton of precision. This is how I did my fiance’s Subjugglator horns.

You will need:


Just an iron and some wax paper or parchment paper.

  1. First cut your noodle to a rough shape of what you want, ideally a little larger (1/4 to 1/8 of an inch) than what you want to end up with.
  2. Set your iron on the lowest setting, put the paper on the surface you want to heat-seal, and then hold the iron still in one hand.
  3. Very lightly apply pressure from the hand with the noodle/foam in it. If you push too hard, you’ll end up with very flat edges and a squished-looking horn.
  4. If the foam doesn’t melt in the slightest, then move up to the next setting until you see results. Definitely try this on scrap foam first until you get the hang of it.
Best of luck, and let me know if you need pictures or more info!