Behhhhh @`-`@
No, no. That's fine. I understand now. Thanks for explaining, though. I guess I just wasn't connecting that in my head. Again, thank you, madame.

You are so welcome! Always feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.

Oh, the wait was fine. It's better that you got to answering at all. There are some people on here that get like once every six months. But, I digress. Also, I'm not really sure what you meant by they are designed to be taken off and put back on in seconds. How exactly do you take them off? Or am I just missing something?

The head harness, the horns/pool noodles, and the wig are all one combined piece, and I made the harness a shape I can pull easily off my head at will. Most of the time I lift it straight up like a bike helmet by holding the horns on either sides of my head and lifting up. It’s like a gigantic hat, really.

(Actually like a gigantic helmet - you know how bike helmets will sort of stay on your head if you happen to have the right kind of helmet and head, and you can tilt your head side-to-side and front-to-back and the helmet might slide a little, but it won’t fall off? I essentially made a metal bike helmet.)

Does it make sense how the horns are connected to the head harness or would a drawn picture be useful? (I’d take a photo but they’re at my other house right now.)

Shit, okay, sorry, one more thing. What did you do for the wig and getting the horns through? Did you just, cut a hole through the sides or...

Ah, no problem, always feel free to ask questions, and sorry it took me so long to answer! -.-; 

Uh….. let’s see… well, if you’re making horns with a wig already intact, you can poke the wire through the holes in the wig after you’re done making the head harness, and then you can thread the pool noodles onto the wires.

If you’re building the wig from one of those skin cap mohawk wigs, yeah, cutting a hole oughta work. The pool noodles don’t actually go through the wig, they just chill outside of it and get cleverly disguised by as much hair as I can shove in that direction.

As for how I did it, I actually cut two wigs up and then sewed them together, so I had the option of making a long wig edge that wraps around the horn wires on each side. Let me know if you need pics of any of this, or if you have any other questions. Best of luck!

Hey, new follower here. One, you are amazing. Thank you so much on those tutorial videos you made for the Summoner. Two, how was it like walking around in those horns at a convention?

Oh golly, thanks so much! Welcome, and hi, how are you doing? Glad the videos helped you out, and it was a blast walking around with the horns! They weigh a little over 1 pound and are designed to be taken off and put back on in seconds, so most of the day I just had them slung over one shoulder or resting at the edge of a photoshoot room. (Security at Otakon pretty much said they’d take them away if I walked around with them on.) Anytime I did have to walk a few steps, I went sideways and hung onto the front horn in case I got bumped. I’ve got a decent crabwalk so it was no hassle for me.

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There are now over 50 billion sites accessible by Google.

If you search for individual letters, a, e, i, and s have the highest counts, at 25,270,000,000 results.

Just testing out a D&D avatar site


Hello Homestuck fandom! I require your assistance! I am collecting information about cosplay among us Hamsteaks, and I would much appreciate you taking this survey. If you haven’t cosplayed, that’s okay too! Take the survey anyways. For the cause of science! Or in this case, statistical science! :D

And please do reblog, I’m trying to get this to reach as many people as I can! Thank you very much!

Hello beautiful people! This is my awesome sexyfriend Sangdi doing some science here, if you have about 30 seconds to spare this survey is blissfully quick!

Hey, your cosplay is super excellent and I was wondering if you'd mind telling me what you made your summoner vest out of, and how you made the pants! (I'm doing him soon, and your summoner is absolutely the best I've seen! Your tutorials are super helpful, thanks so much for those ;3;)

Totally, and thank you so much! (also YAY YOU DID GOD TIER JAKE TOO?!? AAAH YOU LOOK SO ADORABLE! And wow, you’ve been doing a ton of awesome costumes lately, keep up the great work!)

VEST: The vest is black Naugahyde with brown Naugahyde for the symbol; I used the indestructible like… 4mm thick or something kind from the 1970’s ‘cause that’s what my grandpa had lying around. You could also use marine vinyl, boat vinyl, anything sturdy and preferably from the upholstery section of the fabric store. It’ll give you lots of structure but stays warm like crazy.

It was way too warm for Otakon, so I’m probably going to redesign the wings and the vest to put slits in back for ventilation, more updates on that by this summer.

PANTS: Pants are stretchy black jeans! Any black pants from denim to cotton should work, then draw where you want the holes to go in front. From here, you can do at least one of three things:

1: just cut the corners of each squarish hole and try to carefully rip the fabric away,

2: use pinking shears (zigzag scissors) and then run your fingers along each cut edge to get that nice frayed look, or

3: do like I did and cut the lines of each hole messily and squiggly, then hit the edges of each hole with sandpaper or pick at them by hand until you have that nice rough look. (If you need pics or videos of any of this just let me know.)

Now for the red part, I just used one long red strip of fabric for each leg and sewed the top and bottom in place on the inside of each pant. If you’re using tighter pants, just wearing opaque red tights underneath might work, but I had baggy pants and was designing it for as much ventilation as possible. I think most people use fur for the spots, and I’ve also seen ribbon or embroidery.

Just let me know if you need a visual or have any more questions, and super best of luck!

Hi! I just saw your Summoner horns and god, they're awesome :D! So i just wanted to ask you, how did you realize all that wire-system to make them stay safely on your head? Would it be ok if i ask you a picture to see it better? Because i need to figure out how to be sure that they don't fall from the head and they stay in place safely XD thanks a lot! Have a nice day ;D

Thanks so much! Just checking, did you see this diagram and this picture yet? 

I pretty much just made a helmet out of wire and made sure it cradled my head closely. I starts the top of my forehead, then wraps back around my nuchal lines (you can google it or just feel for the lumpy overhang on the center back of your head: this is fantastic for anchoring a wire helmet). I was amazed how well it ended up working.

If it’s still unclear, just let me know and I’ll take more pictures (it’s at my other house right now).

You have a delightful day, too!